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I guess some things don’t change

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The owner of the Manhattan storefront pictured on the cover of the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique—an album marking its quarter-century anniversary this year—has agreed to host a commemorative mural (above), which was painted this weekend by artist Danielle Mastrion.

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Anonymous Asked: daylight is still a band, they just changed their name


No, you don’t understand. They’re not a band anymore. They’re no longer a band. You don’t understand.


When you make it to your driveway, 
Will you call to let me know that you’re ok?
And when you make it to your bedroom, 
Do you collapse on your bed right away?
Or do you lay and think about how fucking lonely you’ve become?

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Anonymous Asked: sometimes i wonder if you miss me

I miss everyone I use to talk to. I hate loosing people.

Anonymous Asked: You're so fucking cute.

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Anonymous Asked: Do you still talk to jorgie?


Damn right out the gate!!!